Emmy R Bennett

Writer of Paranormal, Mystery and Fantasy.

The lead pencil tip digs deep into the paper. Another draft, and it’s another, ‘I don’t know what to write’ that wracks my brain. Too many thoughts and not enough words. I mean, does that even make any sense? I can’t concentrate, not while he sits across from me. My eyes dart in his direction. …

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The fire crackles and the sparks fly, attempting to reach the stars. Mesmerized, I almost stop listening to the wise woman telling the story of how the ancients had woven the cloak Gen wears, into existence. “But first,” the woman says, “we must remove that mark you have, Geneviève.” “How do we do that?” I …

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“Who are you?” I look closer. “Wait a minute… you’re—you’re the—” He puts a finger to his lips, gesturing me to be silent. The loud sounds of crows caw outside. We wait together in silence until the calls dissipate. He speaks first, saying, “My name is Arik.” “Yes, I know who you are.” I bow. …

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I’m shaken awake by Martha. “It’s time we go.” My eyes sting from the afternoon sun. “What time is it?” “Two.” She goes to my drawers, saying, “We take only the basics. Too much, will slow us down. I suggest you layer up.” “Where are we to go?” “My sister’s place, for now.” “I didn’t …

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Her eyes pierce a gaze at me like daggers and I can tell she’s fuming mad. “I told you to bury these mongrels, and you’re prancing the property like you own the place.” “I-I was trying to find a good spot to bury the bodies, Mother.” Her eyes glow blue and I fear she’s going …

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It takes some effort to reach the moving fingers beneath the rest of the dead bodies. One by one I drag corpses until I reach a woman. Her hair is red and wavy. She’s young, like me. Maybe sixteen, or seventeen. She can’t possibly be much older than that. If my mother found out one …

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