Emmy R Bennett

Writer of Paranormal, Mystery and Fantasy.

“No! No! No! There must be some mistake,” momma cried, as tears stream down her pale cheeks. “But he was not on that flight; he told me a few hours ago it was delayed. You must have incorrect information.”

There’s a long pause… “Oh, I see. Yes, I understand,” I hear her say. Then I hear the phone dropped to the floor. I stood back in the dark hallway, out of view, and begin to feel a sensation of anxiety come over me.

A gust of wind kicks up outside, as I hear whistles escape through the panes of the window next to me. Snowflakes mixed with rain pelt against the glass, like hail.

As deafening as it sounds outside, inside this tiny house, it grows stagnant in silence. So quiet that one might hear a pin drop. An eerie feeling comes over me. Something deep in my core that begins to stir, and it touches my inner soul, wanting to cry out and scream, but I know full well the fear will never break.

Seeing her slouch on the chaise lounge while her golden-brown ringlet’s lay gently across her arms, I watch her sulk. Giving me a clue that our lives are about to change.

For the first time in my life, I have seen momma cry and I’m terrified. Turning for my bedroom, I feel the heavy pounding in my chest, knowing something bad has happened.

©2018 Emmy R Bennett

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