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Eyes of Wynter


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Wynter’s Thoughts


Time has a way of spinning out of control. It doesn’t always go according to plan. One minute, life is beautiful, fast-growing, and in that moment, we feel alive.

Seasons bring change to that existence, making it a constant struggle.

In between these two is my coexistence where reality becomes a choice, a path for the future. This presence is where my fate begins.

Time heals all wounds they say. I’d like to know who “they” are.

As for me, my wounds are clearly open…




“Quick, she’s coming,” my sister calls out, as I glance over my newborn baby with fear. Gazing at her in my arms, I wonder how we will keep her safe from the evil that is about to be forced upon her. Hair black as night, green eyes bright as emeralds, she’s a little image of me. Sarmira, the evil queen, has me right where she wants me, or so she thinks. Me in her clutches, taking the last of our bloodline. Over my dead body. She will not win the battle this night.

My sister prepares our bags while my husband stands guard at the door. “I hear the shadows of silence coming,” he says. “We must hurry if we are all to get out of here in time.”

“I’m too weak. I cannot go with you,” I say, looking over at him. “Please, take this.” I rip the chain from around my neck, handing it to him. “Give this to our daughter. Have her wear it always. It will protect her from Sarmira.”

His blue eyes glow with fury and fear, and I can see the rage inside him. I know he doesn’t like my idea to stay behind, but what other choice do we have?

“I can hold her off, but only for a little while,” I say with urgency.

“I can’t take this,” he says, holding the chain between his fingers. “She will destroy you without it.”

“You must, my love, to protect our daughter. It is the only way to buy you time to the portal.” I place the swaddled baby in a hand-woven basket beside the bed. “There is no time to waste. She’s closing in. I feel it,” I voice with firmness, pushing the basket towards my sister to grab. “She will kill us all. It’s the baby she’s after.”

“How do you know all this, Isalora? I won’t leave you,” he protests. I see the pain written on his face.

“My father came to me in a dream warning me of the prophecy. Our daughter is the key to Sarmira’s destruction. You must go, now!”

“I sense her company getting near,” my sister says. “We need to leave if we are to escape her wrath.”

Tears fall from my eyes, and I feel the wetness cool my cheeks. “Promise me you will protect them, my sweet sister,” I say.

“With my life,” she says, and she kisses my forehead.

Then gripping my husband’s hand, I stand, saying, “Sarmira’s presence is growing closer with each second that passes. Leave now, before it is too late.”

He gently hands me the Elven valiancium dagger crafted in labradorite. “Take this, for your protection,” he persists, and not waiting a moment more, they leave. I hear my baby’s whimpering cry echo down the hall and fade away.

I grab parchment from my nightstand along with a pen. Not much time to write a letter. I need to warn them about the secret I bear. Sarmira may think she has the upper hand, but little does she know what I have up my sleeve.

Chanting the spell aloud, I say:


On this full moon night, I claim what is right.

Binding them by three, one then they shall be.

When the Super Blue Blood Moonblue blood moon ascends,

The ties that bind then amends.


I burn the handwritten letter in a leather-bound coffer, placing my spellbook over the ashes, and close the lid.

Anticipating my time is short I position the box behind the stone fireplace, concealing it well, and wait for Sarmira. With my dagger in hand, I gently kiss the blade and chant another spell.

The full moon brightens the darkness in the room. The oil lamp flickers on my nightstand revealing to me that she’s near. So, I tuck the hilt behind my skirt and wait patiently.

Seconds later, the door bursts open in a vengeful thrust, forcing the kerosene light to blow out.

There, in the doorway, she stands with her eyes glowing blue, face hidden under her hooded cloak.

“Well… well… how pathetic do you look, Isalora?” she asks, slithering over to me. “There you are, quivering like a frightened animal. You have no power here. There’s no magical force that can protect you. Do you honestly think you can fool me with your façade?”

“You will not get away with the murderous evil you have bestowed on our family, Sarmira,” I counter.

She appears unaware I know her secret, hidden away for centuries. What she doesn’t count on is my gift of vision. I can see what lies beneath the skin of a human. “I see the innocent soul you suppress. Talk about façades? Yours is in plain sight.”

Her cackle is wicked, like a witch ready to cast a spell. “I see, and you dare cross me, anyway? Fascinating.”

“What is there to cross, Sarmira? I have known for a long time. We were planning the perfect getaway, until you decided to lock me in this room. As you can see it didn’t work. You may think you have me where you want me, but think again. Eyes and ears are watching, yes indeed, but that goes both ways.” I keep my expression stern, not showing fear.

“Whatever have you done?” she says, tone condescending. “Trying to turn my followers against me? It will never work. We both know you have no power here. You’re no match for me. You will lose should you try anything foolish.” She paces forward, and I tighten my grip on the knife.

“Now, where is the little heathen you grew in that belly of yours?”

“She’s long gone, Sarmira. You will never find her,” I roar, hiding the dagger I hold tightly in my hand, ready to strike if she dare come closer.

“Ah, so you had a girl?” Sarmira raises an eyebrow, and her eyes begin to grow a brighter blue than before. I know that look from the many times she tore through innocent souls. It’s the look of possession. Avoiding her stare, I remind myself not to meet her eyes. “Oh, Isalora please… You know you can’t resist me.”

I don’t have the necklace to shield me, so I close my eyes and begin chanting the spell a second time, holding ground against her will.

“No,” she screams, as I feel the room saturate with light.

Sensing her maddened frustration, I chant my spell louder and shout, “You will never hurt them, Sarmira. I have bound them with a spell. You’re finished. The prophecy will be fulfilled.” What she doesn’t know that by killing me, she seals her fate.

“What have you done!” she screeches.

My eyes still closed, I hear the window shatter behind her, exploding into a million pieces. Fierce winds howl, blowing a gust of debris my way and I feel flecks of glass prickle my skin.

I shield my face with my free arm, trying to avoid being stabbed by more shards. Knowing full well I’m weaker without my necklace, I bind my soul with the spirits, shouting a spell of immortality. It is the only way to protect the innocent and bring this prophecy to fruition.

“You cannot defeat me,” Sarmira snarls. I open my eyes to see her lunge forward and before I have a chance to stab her with my dagger, she slides her hand into my chest, grabbing my heart, and ripping it from my body.


©2018 Emmy R Bennett



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