Emmy R Bennett

Writer of Paranormal, Mystery and Fantasy.

Some call me The Light, some call me Angel, and some call me a diviner, but they’re all wrong—I’m The White Raven and my name is Snow, the winter witch of the north. I carry with me cold weather. If you’re lucky, you might see me on the first day of the winter solstice.

I have three other siblings and once a year we meet to bring forth the seasons of the new year. Only this time it’s different. We all feel a shift coming and none of us know what it is.

Lyon, my brother, warned me that the darkness would come, but I didn’t believe him. He has the gift of sight. He controls the summer seasons and can predict the future; however, it can change if the humans choose a different path. I should have listened to him and now it may be too late. The winter solstice is in three days.

Autumn, my sister who controls the Fall, planted as many seeds as possible to prepare for the new year. I only hope it was in time, for I have no control of my magic. And this year, the frost came early, followed by a wintery cold blast. I tried to hold back for as long as I could, but my power was too strong, and it grows stronger each year. I fear change is inevitable.

Violet, my other sister, who holds the magic of new beginnings and brings the season of spring, anticipates with trepidation as to whether I can pull off the impossible. She never did have faith in me. Why should she start now? I don’t blame her either, my cold icy powers are unpredictable. I’ve left her in pain may times, but when Father Time requests—no demands my magic, I have no choice but to obey. Lyon was right, I see that now.

The woods are quiet, as I make my way to the circle. A cold chill runs across my spine and I stiffen knowing the raven perched above, hidden between the fir branches, is watching. They’re all going to have to trust me. I’ve never let them down before, and I’m not about to set a precedent now.

I see my sibling waiting. It’s time to prepare.

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