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I land on something soft and realize it’s a pile of compost. Gross.

A few scratches from a rose bush, planted against the house let’s me know it has lovely thorns too, and I pull two spikes sticking in my skin. “Ouch,” I murmur.

The crows circle above and when I look up, I see Mother peer out my bedroom window. She stares at me. Her eyes glow blue, and her face shows pure venom.

I open my mouth to say something when she looks away, saying, “Don’t just circle my pets, find her.”

She can’t see me. The potion worked.

The excitement fuels my body, and I want to run, but I need to play this safe. I don’t know how long this spell will last. It’s known for wearing off early. Invisibility spells can come in handy, but they can also get one deep in trouble, like I am now. I dart towards the thick fir trees ahead of me. I don’t want to make a beeline to the shed where Geneviève is, just in case I unknowingly lead Mother to her. Part of me thinks she’s already left. I mean, if I were in her shoes, I would, but the other part hopes she still hanging out.

I feel like eyes are watching my every move. Slinging my backpack behind me, I travel the long way around the property, hiding among the long grass, that stands between myself and the woods ahead. I have no idea if the invisibility potion is still in effect. Only one way to find out.

Bad move, as I dart across the field. The crows caw, swooping in. She’s going to catch me before I reach the woods. I take a second swig of Martha’s concoction. Martha…what did my mother do to her?

Leaving behind the birds flocking to where the invisibility spell wore off, I keep running.

Out of the corner of my eye, Mother appears. She lingers, squinting as she tries to sense where I am.

I don’t stick around and rush through the woods to get as far away from her as possible. Maybe I should have prioritized better. The shed would have been the more suitable option.

Decision made, question is, will Geneviève still be there?

I hear the crows again. They are gaining on my trail. I really hate that I can’t tell when this invisibility spell wears off. Taking off towards the riverbank I pull out the bottle of elixir once more, ready to take another sip if I need to. If I continue down this path it will lead my mother and her black-eyed minions in the opposite direction from the shed.

The rushing river drowns out the caws from the birds. Perhaps fleeing this route isn’t a bright move. My mother appears in front of me. “There you are.”

Guess the potion wore off. My mouth twitches.“Not for long.” My brave response takes her by surprise. I down the drink for a third time and take off, not daring to look behind me to see if she’s following. As I gain some distance from the river, I can tell that it worked. The crows are nowhere of earshot.

Keep moving, don’t stop.

I come upon the hidden shed, and seconds later, open the door.

I’m astounded and relieved at the same time. Genevieve is still here. She’s asleep, but not the person with her.

Chapter 10

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