Emmy R Bennett

Writer of Paranormal, Mystery and Fantasy.


I Have You in My Memories
I can’t call you anymore, but I know you are with me.
I can’t see to you anymore, but I know you are with me.
I can’t hear you anymore, but I know you are with me.
I can’t hug you anymore, but I know you are with me.
You are in my memories, even though you are not with me.

© 2022 Emmy R Bennett

No Words

An angel came to earth today

To find a soul and show them the way

Comfort is needed in this moment in time

While he guides these souls to the other side

The ones left behind look to comfort and peace

Not holding back with a torn heart of grief

Time heals all wounds they say…..

There are no words that heal today…..

Emmy R Bennett © 2017

Dream It

If you have a dream pursue it.

Time passes by before you know it.

Dream big and own it.

Life is a risk, so live it.

That fire in your belly, share it.

The choice is yours it’s what you make of it.

Emmy R Bennett© 2017

For My Daddy

I remember when I was little you held my hand…..

I remember the summer days and……

I Remember trips to the park…….

I remember bike rides in the dark……

I remember riding in your truck, how loud that engine was….

I remember phones call checking up on me, just because……

I remember the Domino’s you gave me one year….

I remember times I could not see you that brought me to tears….

I remember the look when you saw your grandchildren for the first time….

I remember Christmas visits, seeing us, oh how your eyes would shine….

I remember you walking me down the aisle, on my special day….

I remember “I love you sweetheart”, you would say……

But today I will remember you were here…….

RIP daddy Love you, you will be missed.

Emmy R Bennett © 2013

A True Friend

A true friend is there to laugh with you and cry with you,

to lend an ear and wipe the tears.

A true Friend says you look great, when you gain a pound,

they are there to give a hug once in a while, when life is up-side-down.

A true friend is there through thick and thin,

they are with you all the way from beginning to end.

A true friend is there for you come rain or shine,

and even forgives you when you get out line.

A true friend supports you even if they disagree,

and that my friend is why you’re a friend to me.

Emmy R Bennett © 2011

Time To Go

The time has come for me to go,

to leave behind those I know.

I am called upon from high above.

Somewhere pleasant, peaceful and full of love.

I will look down on you, and I will pray,

that you and I will meet again someday.

I will leave my heart and take my soul,

and leave behind those I know.

However sad it may sound, God did give,

the blessings of life to let me live.

No matter how short my life may have been,

remember these words that I have said.

To my family and friends, remember I love you so.

The time has come for me to go,

to leave behind those I know.

Emmy R Bennett © 1997


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