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It takes some effort to reach the moving fingers beneath the rest of the dead bodies. One by one I drag corpses until I reach a woman. Her hair is red and wavy. She’s young, like me. Maybe sixteen, or seventeen. She can’t possibly be much older than that.

If my mother found out one of them was still alive, she would finish this poor girl off, for sure. I haven’t a clue what to do.

Sage said, I had the ability to use nature’s energy. Maybe I can start there.

Closing my eyes, I concentrate like before when she was teaching me the locater spell. I’ll use that method to find a safer spot for this girl.

Normally I would channel to Sage, but she isn’t answering my calls. Either my mother found her, or she’s fled the area.

A ball of green light appears in my palms showing a trail. Like the last time I tried this spell, the globe reveals a path forward. Gazing into the sphere of light, I zoom in on an old run-down shack. It’s far enough away from the house that it may go undetected from my mother.

The young girl moans, breaking my concentration. I need to get her out of here before she brings attention to herself. I tap at her cheeks, saying, “Wake up.”

Before opening her eyes, she furrows a brow, laying palms to her temples, saying, “My head is throbbing.” She focuses on me. “Who are you?”

“My name is Maura, and you can’t stay here. If she finds you still alive, she’ll—”

She glances to the house. “Do you live there?”

“Unfortunately, yes. Can you walk?”

The girl looks down at her legs, dazed. I think her mind caught up to her because she becomes frigid and scared.

“Don’t worry. You’re secret is safe with me. Besides, if I wanted to harm you don’t you think I would have done that by now?”

I help her up. “I’m sorry, I don’t have anything to cover your body. I’d give you my cloak, but it’s in the house and we don’t want to risk attention from my mother.”

She appears shocked. “Your mother?”

“Yes. I can explain on the way, but we really need to get you out of here.”

The full moon lights our path as we step down to the hidden hut in the woods.

“Where are you taking me?” She asks. I can tell she’s weak. Once every few steps she stumbles. Thankfully my strength is enough to hold her up as we make our way.

“There is supposed to be a structure a few yards from here. I think through those trees,” I answer, pointing with my chin. “I’ve not been around this area before on our property. I honestly didn’t know it existed, hiding from the brush until I did a locater spell.”

“Locater spell? You’re a light witch?”

“Yeah, half anyway. My mother too, at least she used to be until—”

“Let me guess, Sarmira?”

I stop stunned. “You know about her?”

“My whole pack does.”

I turn around looking back at my house in the distance, remembering what she did. “Your pack is gone,” I murmur.

I feel her heart quicken. It’s an innate ability a light witch has, to read heartbeats, and is one method Sage told me, that helps them detect the dark witches. They have a different sound, only a light witch can hear. Sage said, mine doesn’t sound like either a light or dark witch, that my heart is in between and distinctive. It’s the only reason she decided to help me. She knew I hadn’t reached my eighteenth birthday, by my simple heartbeat.

We push through the brush, arriving at the doorstep of a dirty moss covered shed. The entrance isn’t locked, and we push through, stepping over the threshold. There’s an old mattress hugging a bedframe and a blanket fitted around the base. A nightstand sits next to it, with a few dusty book setting on top. Hanging behind the door is a ratty red cloak. The edging frayed, but otherwise looks to be in good shape. I take it down and shake the dust off outside. “This should help keep you warm. I recommend not to shift back to your wolf form. She may find you otherwise.” I take another brief look around. There is a chair in one corner and a counter with a sink. “It looks like someone lived here at some point.”

The girl takes the cloak wrapping it around her naked body. “Thanks.”

I smile. “I should get back before my mother finds me missing. I can come check on you in the morning. I’ll sneak some breakfast.”

She nods. “I don’t know how to repay you, for your kindness.”

“It’s nothing. It was the right thing to do.” I turn to go. “I’ll be back tomorrow.”

“I’m Geneviève, by the way,” she says, before I shut the door.

“Nice to meet you, Geneviève.”

“Most people call me Gen.”

“Okay, Gen, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I race down the road hoping Mother doesn’t notice I’m gone.

“Maura,” I hear her screech. Her voice is loud and angry.

Chapter 7

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