Emmy R Bennett

Writer of Paranormal, Mystery and Fantasy.

Different Shade of Wynter

Coming Summer 2019


There’s a place where good versus evil collide, divided by ancient wars. A realm, that holds so much power; even the strongest of sorcerers cannot break its strength. Wynter is the heir to the throne, and the only one powerful enough to stop Sarmira, the evil queen.

There’s one problem, Wynter is changing and the beast within her seeks to overtake her soul. She must regain the memories of her past before the changes within her grows too strong. She must locate Dragonscale and forage the wisdom needed to manage her emotions. Only then will she be free from the beast seeking to control her. She must face her fear or succumb defeat.

It’s a battle for the crown. Can Wynter bring amity to this world that holds such value, attain the true crown of the realm and restore balance to Ladorielle?

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