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In celebration of my re-release of book 1 Eyes of Wynter and the next re-release book 2 Different Shade of Wynter, the prequel to the entire saga: Eye of the Raven is free on Apple, Kobo, Google Play & Nook.

Magic comes with a price, but how much will it cost?

Born a necromancer witch, Petra fights against her fate of becoming the next queen of the House of Zhir. As heir to the underworld, she longs to be free from the chains of her family’s line, but she’s forced to adhere to the customs of dark magic.

Thwarting the plans her grandfather laid out for her future, Petra trades one freedom for another, and seeks out the Eye of the Raven—the only one who can protect her from such vile atrocities about to be bestowed upon her.

Magic comes with a price. Is she willing to pay it? Life is about choices. Will Petra make the right one, or will her ultimate decision set her demise?

Eye of the Raven

A prequel to the Storm Bloodline Saga. It’s a story of how the saga began. Possible spoilers if you have not read books 1-4 in the Storm Bloodline Saga, however this book can be read at any point in the entire saga bloodline. It is a single standalone book, that will open many questions to the rest of the series. 

◆◆◆ Storm Bloodline Saga ◆◆◆

Book 1: Eyes of Wynter

A story where secrets are hidden, lies are uncovered, and evil lurks on the grounds of Storm River Manor.

Two weeks before Wynter’s eighteenth birthday she finds herself running again from the demons that have hunted her since birth. She has something they want. Unfortunately, her family has kept this secret for seventeen years, and at the eleventh hour they finally tell her the truth, but it may already be too late.

Her roots reach much deeper than the bloodline of one family tree. It’s changed this ordinary girl, living in an ordinary world, and knocked her into a reality of magical myths. Her mysterious past has caught up to her.

Will the demons that seek her soul, capture her, or will she escape in time?

◆◆◆Storm Bloodline Saga◆◆◆

Book 1: Eyes of Wynter *2nd edition

Book 2: Different Shade of Wynter

(publishing to the wide market June 2023)

Book 3: Wynter Reign

Book 4: Wynter’s Fury

Prequel: Eye of the Raven

♥ Author’s Note

While the story finishes in book one, the epilogue will lead into a hook for book two. It is not a standalone book.

*A notification will be sent out for book 2 pre-order soon. If you would like a signed paperback copy apply here to get on the list.

** Sorry US only for signed paperback orders.

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