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How was you week?  Are you a Kindle Unlimited reader? Do you like to read paranormal fantasy and gothic horror? I have a treat for you. 

Kindle Unlimited Book Choices



Author feature of the week

Take a look at S.McPherson. Her fantasy books take you on a wild and fun ride into new creative worlds. You can follow her on Instagram.

Dark Saints Academy: The Soul Catcher by [McPherson, S]

S. McPherson

Dark Saints Academy





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Kasper Beaumont

The Tragedy of Garass & Asher



Dying Star: A New Adult Urban Fantasy, Mortal Heat Book 3 by [Night, Laurel]

 Laurel Night

Dying Star






Chapter one


Hearing the locker door slam shut jolts my drifting mind. Rory’s voice calls from behind me. “Wynter, are you coming? Class is about to start.”

“Um, yeah, I’ll catch up.” I glance back to her and wave my hand, still listening to the resonating sounds of slamming metal ringing in my ears. I grab my books from the locker shelf and quickly trail behind her, making it just in time before the bell rings for second period. The teacher shoots me a warning glance as I scamper to my seat.

Rory smirks with an I told you so look. Sneering back at her, I shake my head in response, shrugging. We’ve been best friends since tenth grade, and she’s like the sister I never had. Hard to believe this is our senior year. It’s finals week before Christmas break and our last day of grueling tests.

“What’s gotten into you?” she whispers.

“Something is off,” I say, and I straighten my posture, placing my fingers around my neck to grab the chain that isn’t there.

“My necklace,” I whisper. I strain to think where I last remember wearing it. My dad is going to kill me if he finds it not around my neck. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t see Dad checking to see if I was wearing it, always. My cheeks flush, and my head begins to fill with fear.

“Wynter, what’s wrong?” Rory murmurs.

“My necklace. It’s gone.”


Eyes of Wynter Chapter one continued…


Eyes of Wynter won 3rd place for the month of February Readers Choice Awards 




To celebrate and thank all the readers who have voted I am discounting Eyes of Wynter Kindle Ebook to .99 for the month of March.

Eyes of Wynter   


Eyes of Wynter (Storm Bloodline Saga Book 1) by [Bennett, Emmy R.]

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